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About the Google Sitemaps Knowledge Base Project

Browse the index or use the site search to find the topic related to your Google Sitemaps question. If the short answer isn't enough, follow the links to more detailed information.

Google Sitemaps for (tens of) thousands sub-domains

How blog networks, (free) hosting services, and communities where each user publishes on a different sub-domain, can provide a centralized Google Sitemap service.

Changing Domains

I've moved my site to a new domain. Can I submit a Sitemap to tell Google to index the new site rather than the old site? What else should I do to ensure a smoothly move?

Which major search engines support the Google Sitemaps Protocol?

Although Google dominates search, I'd like to get the most out of my efforts to create and maintain a Google Sitemap. Are there other search engines which accept mass URL submissions via XML sitemaps?

Google Sitemaps Stylesheets make XML Sitemaps human readable

By default, XML-based sitemaps are not human readable - the browser just renders a big bunch of XML code and pure data. To make your sitemap look like a normal HTML webpage, you just have to add one line to your Google Sitemaps file, that's all.

Google's time to index

My Google Sitemap submission was accepted but I can't find (all) my Web pages with a site:example.com search. Why doesn't Google index my Web site (completely)?

Google doesn't index all pages from a Sitemap

Googlebot downloads my XML sitemap frequently, but didn't crawl and index all pages of my Web site yet. What can I do to improve my search engine visibility?

Canonical server name issues

Declined submissions and error messages like URL not under Sitemap path are often caused by an incorrect usage of multiple server names. Why are example.com and www.example.com different, when both serve the same content? How to avoid confusion?

Google Python Sitemap Generator - Introduction

The free Python Google sitemap generator can be used to create Google Sitemaps in XML format by walking the file system on the web server and scanning access logs. It requires Python version 2.2 (or compatible newer versions) installed on your server.

Consolidating Domains

I have a site hosted under two domains, example.com and example.net, can I have a Google Sitemap on both servers, or should I consolidate the site's various addresses? I want to consolidate several brands with Web sites hosted on separate domains and sub-domains on my main site, now I need a checklist.

Which URLs should I put in my Google Sitemap?

Should I include all URLs in my sitemap, even feeds, images, videos and other Web objects without META data? Will a Google Sitemap help to get framed pages indexed? Should I submit thin pages via Google Sitemaps or would this hurt?

Google Sitemaps Team Interview

Google's Sitemaps Team, interviewed in January 2006, provides great insights and information about the Sitemaps program, crawling and indexing in general, handling of vanished pages (404 vs. 410) and the URL removal tool, and valuable assistance on many frequently asked questions. Matt Cutts chimed in and stated '...It's definitely a good idea to join Sitemaps so that you can be on the ground floor and watch as Sitemaps improves'. This interview is a must-read for Webmasters.

Google Sitemaps Knowledge Base - http://www.smart-it-consulting.com/article.htm?node=166

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Everything you need to know about Google Sitemaps - http://www.smart-it-consulting.com/article.htm?node=133

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Google Sitemaps izmene...

+ New verification method - Add a META tag as the verification option, and then copy the tag provided to the <head> section of your home page.
+ Indexing snapshot
+ Notification of violations of the webmaster guidelines
+ Reinclusion request form
+ Spam report
+ New webmaster help center
+ More about our new look
+ Adding a Sitemap
+ Navigating the tabs

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