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MANE needs help with building a project in React Native.

We are starting soon and you’d be a part of setting up, planning the architecture and build strategy.
Project is a mobile version of our existing educational Web app with simple gamification elements for US market kids.
You would work in friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Your engagement would be for 4-5 months with possibility for further engagements and project maintenance.
Part-time engagements and work from home are also possible.

Primary Responsibilities:
- Establishing a project architecture and build strategy together with our developers
- Active roles in development, testing and deployment

- Previous experience in building React Native mobile apps
- Experience in development, testing and deployment for both Android and iOS

As we want to quickly move forward the process of your placement will be quick and painless, probably just two short meetings with us.

Apply here → https://manedigital.workable.com/jobs/660020/candidates/new

Looking forward to working with you!