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...explain both systems in great detail (have questions or need clarification, let us know) and few of the other things we need. The project is a 2D side scrolling game, however, the levels will be done in 3D to some extent (3D blockouts). Player (sprites attached to 3D player collider/hit box) movement in 4 directions, left, right towards and away from the camera. We would provide all the animations and visuals.

Orthographic camera view - no change in size when moving on Z axis. Character and all other animations are done in Spine 2D so experience with Spine2D is (most likely) needed. We're willing to pay $2500 (via Western Union) for these 2 major systems and in addition offer some percentage (3% from the goal sum - $100k+, with rising percentage as we continue collaboration ) from Kickstarter later on or from selling the IP. Our team counts 6 guys, from all over the world.

NO UPFRONT PAYMENT Accept/reply only if you're absolutely confident you can complete these tasks in full and within 10 to 15 days (which means you will absolutely get payed and offered more work). After successfully finishing the tasks (thoroughly tested and free of (major) bugs), you get payed via Western Union and we move on to other game systems/tasks, if you're in the know and available for it. So, possibility for longer duration collaboration.

In general we need the lead programmer to lift us off the ground so, ideally, you join us for "good" later on (until whatever separates us).

If no one or few not meeting requirements apply, we change the terms and do the updated job offer later on.

To get better idea of the game, visit http://www.rawconcretegame.com/ You can reach us via info@rawconcretegame.com as well if you want.


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