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Jedna mala ispravka... finalna verzija neće imati naziv Tiger već Wombat!?

In a surprise move, Apple revealed that the official name for this
release would be "Mac OS X 10.4 Wombat." Even though Apple has
been referring to this version of Mac OS X for over a year as
Tiger, has distributed seeds to developers under the code name
Tiger, and has portrayed a "Tiger fur" motif in the logo and
in desktop screen shots, at the last minute, all of that was
scrapped, and the Wombat designation was substituted.
The purpose of this change, according to Steve Jobs in a post-
conference question session, was to "stick it to those know-it-all
rumor Web sites such as ThinkSecret." Jobs was particularly proud
of the fact that a wombat isn't even a big cat, unlike previous
Mac OS X code names such as Jaguar and Panther. "We knew those
rumor sites would never be able to guess this one, not in a
million years. It's not a cat! It's not even fierce!" said Jobs.
"It's one of those cute little marsupials from Australia." Asked
about how this change might be expected to impact developers
who have already prepared software that is "Tiger-ready" and
publishers who have already announced books with the name "Tiger"
in the title, Jobs said: "They'll get over it." He was also
dismissive of the question of how the sales of Mac OS X might
be impacted by a name that, in Australia at least, can be a way
of calling someone a bozo. After all, Jobs noted, wombats in
captivity are easily house-trained and come when called - which,
as he said, "will be true of Mac OS X 10.4 Wombat as well, thanks
to its Automator feature."
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Suviše smo blizu 1. aprila je moj jedini komentar... B)
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E ne mogu da verujem da sam naseo kao magarac... iaaaa...

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ha ha ha mislim sta reci