[ reiser @ 29.04.2005. 18:20 ] @
Treba mi skripta za xchat koja ce da prikazuje trenutnu pesmu koja ide u winampu. Nasao sam neku na xchat.org, ali radi samo na starijim verzijama xchat-a & winampa.
[ LaMpiR @ 03.05.2005. 21:46 ] @

Size: 16.76 kb
Date: 01/Aug/2004
Filename: winamp14b.zip
Downloads: 3156
The definitive Winamp announcer script for X-Chat 2.0


* Works with Winamp 2.x/5.x and requires no plugins
* Has very limited (and possibly broken) functionality with Winamp 3 (nobody uses this anymore)
* Lets you define exactly how your announcement appears using announcemasks
* Global announcement (which can be limited using special files)
* Global announcement on track change
* Audio file server so you can send people the track you last announced
* Ability to do lame ordinary bargraphs for position in track
* Ability to do very cool bargraphs for position in track thanks to masks
* All annoying messages can be turned off

Changes in this version:

* Fixed auto-announce spamming with stupid titles and stars and things when winamp's "scroll title in taskbar" option is enabled. Any further issues with this let me know
* Solved issue with global announce happening even when play status changes now it'll only announce when a track is actually playing. It does what you'd expect, in other words.
* Updated to X-Chat 2.0's API by Prof_Vince. Any X-Chat 2.0-related crashes should be fixed.

[ drdrksa @ 04.05.2005. 01:41 ] @
Ja koristim EasyWinampControl i vrlo sam zadovoljan. Lako se instalira, nisu potrebni dodatni script jezici, pogodan je za izmene po volji korisnika. Probaj ga.
[ reiser @ 04.05.2005. 19:10 ] @
Hvala obojici, sad cu da probam.
[ r3ct0r @ 08.05.2005. 15:18 ] @
Xlack ima dobar plug za xmms
www.xlack.tk :P