[ DuĊĦan @ 29.04.2005. 19:37 ] @
Koristim Mirc plus SE.Kada mi pise da na krstarici ima vise od 700 korisnika i kada ja udjem mene diskonektuje.STO????
[ neca @ 30.04.2005. 00:14 ] @

Max sendq exceeded is when the server is flooding the client, not the
other way around. The server ensures that it doesn't flood the client
using this mechanism. Doing a /who on a channel with 500 users is likely
to cause this, if the server doesn't also control how many lines of /who
output are returned, like ircu does.

[ k a r l o @ 30.04.2005. 12:11 ] @
Znachi, nije do prichaonice, vec do tebe. Promeni scriptu, ili uloaduj addon za skeniranje klonova...