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Hteo bih da počnem da koristim Firebird kao bazu podataka, ali me interesuje ima li ona nešto kao FullText Search kod SQL servera?

Bez FullText search opcije na SQL serveru pretraga tabele sa oko 400.000 recorda je trajala oko 60 sec, dok sa ovom search opcijom manje od 1 sec. Koliko bi vremenski trajala pretraga na Firebird sistemu
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Evo sta sam nasao na tu temu pa pogledaj ako ti odgovara :

Firebird SQL
Firebird SQL (excellent embedded database with a good .NET support) has no built-in fulltext search support so far. Instead, you need to rely on third party tools. Fortunately, there is a great search engine library available: http://www.dotlucene.net/. It is an open-source .NET library (ported from Java) that can index any data (structured or unstructured) that you are able to convert to raw text. Using an additional library for fulltext doesn't look too elegant at first sight. However, it has some advantages.
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