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Ovaj tekst sa zatekao u SPAM POLICY na sajtu firme koja placa da spamujete korisnike njihovim sadrzajem:

What will happen to my account if I get caught spamming?
GreenZap will not tolerate spam and will terminate the account of any member that GreenZap believes is violating any Anti-SPAM policy or regulation. All account privileges will be null and void including your referrals, rewardz earned, and any unpaid money owed on your account. After a review, any monies that you directly deposited into your account that are found to be owed to you will be mailed to you.

What is so bad about Spam?
Spammers are not welcome in our GreenZap community. Nobody appreciates receiving junk mail. GreenZap is no different. Spam slows down internet performance and can cause computer connections to crash.

bilo ga je jos ali mislim da je ovo dosta.

Kako se ogradjuju,majku im..