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Evo jedan veoma interesantan članak o igrama za žene. Članak je veoma interesantan u celosti, samo sam hteo da izdvojim delove koje ja smatram veoma bitnim i koji mogu biti dobar putokaz za one što traže ideje za igru,,,
Women gear up for gaming invasion

Women are about to invade the male dominated gaming world, a games conference in Scotland is to be told.

The games that are likely to appeal to women are not the traditional "hack and slash" ones or time-consuming strategy games that men prefer.

"Women don't have free time even to set up a game. They require a game that is quick to get into and doesn't require a great time commitment," said Mr Adams, founder of the International Game Developers' Association.

The fact that women also tend to be more social means multi-player games will appeal more than single-player ones.

Statistics from the US Entertainment Software Association suggest that there are now more women players in the US than there are teenage gamers.

The so-called casual gaming market, made up of games such as poker, pool, bridge, bingo and puzzles, is a booming one, especially among women.

A study by the UK games trade body, the Entertainment and Leisure Publishers Association (Elspa), found that women gamers in the UK made up a quarter of the gaming population. This compares to 39% in the US and 69% in South Korea.

- Role-playing games - Final Fantasy
- Narrative adventures - Legend of Zelda
- Easy to pick up driving sims - Colin MacRae Rally
- Puzzle adventures - Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
- Quick-fire arcade puzzlers - Tetris
- Life simulations - The Sims

Source: Elspa white paper on women in gaming