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Ponuda se odnosi na posao u Srbijii, a u pitanju je rad za jednu americku firmu. Vise u nastavku.
Position Title: Software Engineer/VoIP Developer
Description of job: Looking for bright, ambitious software engineers to work full time toward launch of a seed-stage venture based start-up in the Bay Area. You are a fit for this opportunity if you are:

- A fast learner, eager to dive into cutting-edge areas of software such as VoIP
- A web applications developer in Java/JSP, Perl or C++
- Experienced in one or more of Linux, Apache, MySql
- A good communicator and self-directed software developer
- Focused on the end user and on developing good user experiences
- Capable of working flexible hours. Must be willing to work with engineers in Silicon Valley (California)
- Proficient in English

We are an early stage team with energy, passion, ambition and integrity, working on innovative applications in the telephony space. Please send resume to ppt.jobs at gmail.com.