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Na adresi www.verat.net/download/BSD i tako dalje i tako blize san nasao gore pomenutu verziju sistema. Jer to neko beta izdanje ili konacna, potpuno funkcionalna verzija?
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source: http://www.freebsd.org/releases/index.html

Current Release(s)
Release 4.6.2 (August, 2002) Announcement : Release Notes : Hardware Notes : Errata

The latest daily release from our FreeBSD-stable branch is also available. Please see Getting FreeBSD for details.

Future Releases
We will continue to bring you new releases from both our FreeBSD-stable and FreeBSD-current branches, both as developer's snapshots and as regular full releases. The next scheduled release on the -stable branch will be FreeBSD 4.7 on October 1, 2002. Subsequent releases will follow at 4 month intervals. The first release on what is now the -current branch will be FreeBSD 5.0, scheduled for November 20, 2002.

For more information about the release engineering process, or to see a comprehensive schedule of upcoming releases, please visit the Release Engineering section of this web site.

The release documentation files for FreeBSD-stable and FreeBSD-current are available for viewing in HTML format on the Release Documentation page. These files are rebuilt periodically, and reflect the changing state of FreeBSD's development.


znaci nebi trebalo da je 5.0 izasao...

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To je 5.0 Developer Preview #1
[ VRider @ 12.09.2002. 22:00 ] @
Hvala na objaĆĄnjenju!