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UK's "Switch Call" have announced an ambitious service to simplify VoIP calls by offering a regular phone number, free handset and "low cost" VoIP calls for £5 a month.

British company Switch Call today launched the simplest VoIP service available in the UK. The VoIP service provides consumers and SMEs with normal `geographic' telephone numbers, a free telephone handset and a set-up which takes just 5 minutes. The company is launching its VoIP service for just £5.00 a month, combining the simplicity of a landline service with the low cost of a VoIP service.

The new service from Switch Call takes it head-to-head against rival services SkypeOut and Vonage, in the rapidly-developing consumer & SME VoIP market. However, subscribers to the Switch Call service can also take advantage of cheaper calls than SkypeOut and Vonage services.