[ Carnivore @ 08.01.2006. 18:07 ] @
Upravo sam instalirao novi ROM na 6515. Verzija je 1.12 (ranije je bila 1.04).
[ Kurilj @ 13.01.2006. 11:57 ] @
Gdje si nasao novi ROM?
Opisi postupak updatea ako nije problem.
[ Carnivore @ 13.01.2006. 20:38 ] @
Procedura je ovakva:

1. Download romupdate at http://www.filefarmer.com/dmc874/romupdate.exe

2. Kill the activesynce process on your PC (the process is called wcescomm.exe)

3. Put the SD card in the device and boot into bootloader mode.

4. Cradle the device. Serial should change to USB

5. Start romupdate. On Ports pick the one that says \\ \WCEUSBSH001

6. On the screen type d2s. This will dump the device to the SD card. Pe patient as it does take a while.

7. Take the card out and reset.

8. Put the card back in the card reader. When/if windows asks if you want to format the card say no.

9. Follow the process to write the card and proceed like instructed before. On note, on the bootloader screen, it is dark, but it will ask you to presh power to begin flash.


Then proceed with the rest:

1. Download the app at http://www.filefarmer.com/dmc874/iPAQDISK.exe

2. Run the app and let it install. It will run a batch file at the end to install the system driver and insert registry changes. Let this run otherwise it will not run.

3. Reboot your PC.

4. After the reboot, look in your c:\ drive for a folder called iPAQDISK. Inside of there, there is a program call iPAQDISK.exe. Run this.

5. Mount the image to an available drive letter.

6. Make whatever changes you want to the extended ROM. Make sure you change the config.txt in there. Also, take out the lines in the config.txt to TPDisable and TPEnable. That way if you put a cab in there that requires attention (like coming up to say it was written for another version of windows like alot of 2003 cabs do on 2003 SE) you can do it. IF you do not do this and it gets stuck, the only way out is to reflash.

7. Unmount the disk.

8. Place your SD card in you SD card reader on your PC. Make sure there is nothing on the card you want to keep as this will wipe the card clean. Click to copy rom to SD card. A box will come up. Pick the drive letter that corresponds to your SD card and press GO. Wait until the black box goes away and close that box.

9. Then you need to remove the SD card from the reader and put it in your device. Boot into bootloader mode by pressing Power, Joystick Action, and Reset at the same time. It will go into bootloader mode and flash the device. This will take a while.

Remember that this is a complete flash so everything will be lost from the device so backup before you start.

GORE NAVEDENA PROCEDURA SE ODNOSI NA EDITOVANJE POSTOJECEG ROM-a (najvjerovatnije 1.04) NA HW6515. Za update na 1.12 treba instalirati ovaj file