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December 27, 2005

Kynapse AI Used In Next-Gen Pyro Title
Kynogon, a French-headquartered supplier of A.I. middleware solutions, has announced that Pyro Studios, developer of the Commandos series, among other titles, has selected Kynapse to develop its next generation game A.I.

Francois Coulon, Pyro Studios' development director, commented of the move: "We have embarked on an ambitious project and are very pleased to be able to make use of Kynapse’s features as a springboard for putting us months ahead in development of our AI and game-play. Rather than spending months developing a foundation for all our AI requirements, we find ourselves with a powerful base upon which we can now develop low level unique behaviors for our specific game. The success of this first integration means we are strongly considering the continued use of Kynapse in our future next-gen products."

Pyro Studios was founded in 1996, and is today the leading studio for digital entertainment in Spain. The Commandos saga, created by Pyro and published by Eidos, has sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

Some of the most recent licensors of Kynapse AI have recently included Crackdown developer Real Time Worlds, as well as Planet Moon Studios for PSP title Infected
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Chega da se nagledamo?

Kynogon nije osmo svetsko chudo, chak je i vrlo nezgrapan, ako je Kynogon uopshte i bio poenta posta.

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U ***ote skoro mi je oko ispalo od gledanja!