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Firma CEETEL prima Java programere (10 pozicija).

Zainteresovani treba da posalju CV-je na: [email protected]

1) Experienced Java Developer with
2 years experience in J2EE technologies (JSP, EJB, JDBC, Servlets)
Familiar with JMS or other messaging services
Knowledge of SQL
Analytical skills & technical writing

2) Junior Java Developer with
Familiar with J2EE technologies (JSP, EJB, JDBC, Servlets)
Knowledge of SQL
1 year development with Java

3) Web Designer
A person with good experience in graphical design, very good html and
stylesheets. He should be oriented towards the coding rather than the
graphical design part. Knowledge of xml is an asset. Experience in tools
and platforms is needed: Dreamweaver, Fotoshop, Homesite, Flash,
javascript. He should though be able to write html on a notepad.
Knowledge of ColdFusion, ASP, Web Servers is an asset but
not really necessary.

Andrija Gencel, Graduated E.E.
Technical Manager

CEETEL, Belgrade, Yu
Kosovska 10/IV
T:381 11 323 56 24
Office Email : [email protected]
Private Email : [email protected]