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Zna li mozda neko gdje da nadjem driver i kako da ga instaliram za ovaj modem..
Evo shto mi kaze scanmodem:

linux-5suq:~/Desktop/modem # ./scanModem

ONLY use scanModem downloaded as: http://linmodems.technion.ac.il/packages/scanModem.gz

./scanModem should ONLY be run within a Linux/UNIX partition.
If within a MicroSoft/DOS partition, abort with Ctrl-C now !!!
Copy scanModem.gz to your Linux partition and restart.

ls: /usr/bin/gcc-*: No such file or directory

Providing detail for device at 01:09.0
with vendor-ID:device-ID
Class 0780: 11c1:048c Communication controller: Agere Systems V.92 56K WinModem (rev 03)
SubSystem 11c1:044c Agere Systems Unknown device 044c
Flags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 32, IRQ 11

-----PCI_IDs------- --CompilerVer-
Feature List: Primary Subsystem Distr KernelVer kernel default CPU
./scanModem test 11c1:048c 11c1:044c SuSE 4.1.0 none i686

A subfolder Modem/ has been written, containing these files with more detailed Information:
1stRead.txt DriverCompiling.txt InfoGeneral.txt ModemData.txt Rational.txt Slmodem-ALSA.txt Slmodem.txt SoftModem.txt Testing.txt UNSUBSCRIBE.txt YourSystem.txt