[ Gojko Vujovic @ 16.02.2003. 02:07 ] @
"If people think you've spammed, you've spammed."
[ Gojko Vujovic @ 16.02.2003. 02:09 ] @
"Do not use Usenet as an advertising medium."

"Advertising is welcomed on some lists and Newsgroups, and abhorred on
others! This is another example of knowing your audience before you
post. Unsolicited advertising which is completely off-topic will most
certainly guarantee that you get a lot of hate mail."

"Don't use the net for commercial pursuits, or to post large excerpts
from copyrighted material."

"Ah, to go where angels fear to tread. Advertising is a very tricky
and emotional subject on Usenet. Be extremely careful and err on the
side of caution, the last thing you need for your business is negative
publicity. Angry people do not buy.
2. Check the charter of the various newsgroups. There are only a few
that allow advertising. Most groups that allow advertising are in

Ovo se najvise odnosi na USENET grupe, ali je savrseno primenljivo i na web forumima.
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Ista definicija spama vazi za sve oblike medjusobnog komuniciranja ljudi na Internetu pa cak i van njega. Principi su svugde isti: poruke koje na bilo koji nacin ometaju komunikaciju jesu spam.