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InterBase 2007 Server description
New Borland InterBase 2007 combines performance benefits of a multi-generational architecture with peace of mind of log-based
journaling and disaster recovery. Easy installation, small footprint, automatic crash recovery, self-tuning, Unicode, SMP
support, SQL 92 compliance, and near zero maintenance makes InterBase 2007 the ideal database for embedded and business-critical
small-to-medium enterprise server applications.

Here are some key features of "InterBase":
· Journaling and Journal Archiving, utilizing Write Ahead Logging (WAL) technology, improves VLDB management, OLTP performance,
and facilitates disaster recovery (Server Edition only)
· Online Dump, provides backup for seamless incremental backup
· Batch Updates allow sending multiple SQL statements, reduces the network traffic resulting in improved performance, especially
in LAN and WAN environments
· Point-in-time-recovery allows journal based recovery based on timestamps for greater recovery flexibility (Server Edition only)
· Extended International character support via Unicode UCS-2 and UTF-8

Server Edition:
InterBase 2007 Server features a scalable, portable, cross-platform database, ideal for mission critical enterprise or embedded
The Server Edition delivers high performance for applications with complex business logic and high concurrent user levels
through its symmetric multiple processing support and multi-threaded architecture. Its Journaling technology offers increased
OLTP performance, improved management of Very Large Databases, point-in-time recovery as well as disaster recovery options. With
the InterBase flexible licensing scheme developers can address growing demands and also multiple deployment platforms, including
Windows, Linux and Solaris.