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The Edgar Allan Poe Cryptographic Challenge


Is this W.B. Tyler's cipher or Poe's? Solving it may help unravel this 150 year-old mystery.


Tyler's First Cryptograph

Solved by Terence Whalen in 1992.


Ajde vi koji se bavite kriptografijom, da vas vidim kako ce te resiti kriptovane poruke E.A. Po-a, a posebno poruku koju mu je navodno poslao prijatelj ma da se smatra da je on tu poruku poslao sam sebi Resavanjem te poruke, resicete 150 godina staru misteriju...

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Ja pa sta s tim?!Dragi prijatelju ... obavijestavam vas....

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Prvi (smrtonosno težak):

It was early spring, warm and sultry glowed the afternoon. The very breezes seemed to share the delicious langour of universal nature, are laden the various and mingled perfumes of the rose and the -essaerne (?), the woodbine and its wildflower. They slowly wafted their fragrant offering to the open window where sat the lovers. The ardent sun shoot fell upon her blushing face and its gentle beauty was more like the creation of romance or the fair inspiration of a dream than the actual reality on earth. Tenderly her lover gazed upon her as the clusterous ringlets were edged (?) by amorous and sportive zephyrs and when he perceived (?) the rude intrusion of the sunlight he sprang to draw the curtain but softly she stayed him. "No, no, dear Charles," she softly said, "much rather you'ld I have a little sun than no air at all."

Drugi (dosta lakši):

"The soul secure in her existence smiles at the drawn dagger and defies its point. The stars shall fade away, the sun himself grow dim with age and nature sink in years, but thou shalt flourish in immortal youth, unhurt amid the war of elements, the wreck of matter and the crush of worlds."

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random, KAKO ??????
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Party-poper... :o)
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mislim, da ču sam dodati par verza ...
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