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Qube is a multiplatform Desktop Environment with support for networking protocols such as TCP/IP, PPP, SMTP, HTTP etc. developed from scratch by Interactive Studio. The Qube environment was designed for a wide variety of console operating systems and it's designed to be easily portable. It supports multitasking even on non-multitasking operating systems, such as DOS. The basic installation occupies less than 4MB of disk space (download the DOS package) and it looks very attractive (check for screenshots inside) with GUI elements coming from the MacOS (buttons, launch bar), BeOS (icons), Windows (desktop's context menu style) and even Java (scrollbars). Today, we host an interview with the mastermind behind Qube, Michal Stencl.


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Ovo izgleda odlicno! Daj boze da im uspe i da bude GPL i eto nama odlicne zamene za X i ostale GUI-je..
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developed from scratch by Interactive Studio.

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"Qube evuluation copy download for DOS operating systems. "

oni misle to jos da naplacuju ??!?!?