[ pancevac2006 @ 09.05.2008. 10:18 ] @
Treba mi program za restoran. Za vodjenje stanja, kucanje racuna (ne mora da bude vezan sa fiskalnom)....
Znaci neki dobar program koji moze da odradi sve sto je vezano za restoran-kafic.
[ member_999 @ 09.05.2008. 20:56 ] @
iMagic Restaurant Reservation - Software Overview

Manage your restaurant's reservations and walk ins with this restaurant reservation software. The pen and pad have seen their day!

Enter the computer age and reap the benefits of automating the reservation process. Track customers and more importantly help keep the repeat customers. You can analyse reservation trends and work towards your future needs. Rearrange reservations and allocate tables without an eraser in sight!

iMagic Restaurant Reservation allows you to take reservations quickly and easily. Reservations under your complete control, rearrange tables, allocate table blocks and make prominent tables stand out with table notes.

Managing repeat customers and recording customer preferences helps you to retain your customers. Make food allergy notes, record special events and birth dates. Make your customers feel unique and special by recording personal notes. Welcome them with their nickname at the door!

Seeing the big picture and following the long term trends is important in your restaurant. iMagic Restaurant Reservation makes this easy with our reporting system. With just one click you can analyse trends, plot graphs and compare your performance year to date. Monitor the performance of your promotions and advertising quickly and easily.

download: http://www.imagicsoft.com/iMagicRestaurantReservation.exe
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Ova tema je pre za forum "Baze podataka"... "Access" ili nešto slično...
[ djordje.dumbelovic @ 22.08.2014. 10:56 ] @
Program OrganizujKafanu (www.organizujkafanu.com) je jako povoljan.
[ dragan.petrovic @ 20.04.2015. 23:33 ] @
Program DCS Cafe Soft je za vodjenje kafica ili restorana i možete ga pogledati na www.dcsoft.rs