[ Nfunk70 @ 06.08.2008. 00:42 ] @
Hi guys I found your website casually and i think you are right and ready for my question.
I have my Nokia N95 and I often use this like a SIP phone for voip calls.I'm use SMSdiscount for call Serbia.
I'm searching for a Serbian geografic number because my girlfriend live in Belgrade and so she can call me for free.but in my google search i didn't found it.You can say me where i can find this?preferably a free geografic number but if not exist also a payment number.thanks and sorry for my language!

[Ovu poruku je menjao Nfunk70 dana 06.08.2008. u 02:06 GMT+1]
[ misk0 @ 06.08.2008. 15:48 ] @
As far as I know, in Serbia there are no such type of numbers because VoIP in Serbia is not legal enough.
[ Nfunk70 @ 06.08.2008. 19:57 ] @
Ah really?maybe if I found a nearest serbia like montenegro,or bosnia or croatia or macedonia voip virtual number is one low cost opportunity.you believe that call from serbia at these contries is much expensive?
[ bachi @ 06.08.2008. 21:49 ] @
The best thing right now is that your girfriend call you via voip to your landline phone. That is the cheapest way.

And yes, I speak Tarzan English. :)
[ Nfunk70 @ 06.08.2008. 21:55 ] @
da i know but she's an antitechnologic girl.. only turn on pc eheh
I speak Tarzan English also!
[ misk0 @ 07.08.2008. 08:09 ] @
I think that in Croatia exist this kind of numbers but calls from Serbia to the Croatia are not cheap. The best way should be to tell her to install one of the Betamax clients (FreeCall, VoipWise, lowratevoip, ecc). With these programs she can make call-back (her phone rings first, then rings your). Of course, you should charge this account.
[ Nfunk70 @ 07.08.2008. 18:29 ] @
Yes,until there aren't serbian virtual numbers to take this the best solution,my experence with smsdiscount.com is excellent,call mobile in belgrade is less expensive than call mobile to mobile for me in italy.very cool :)
[ Emil Ranc @ 07.08.2008. 22:36 ] @
Nfunk70:call mobile in belgrade is less expensive than call mobile to mobile for me in italy.very cool :)

Very cool, indeed. It is also cheaper than mobile to mobile here in Serbia (in most tariff packages, especially when dialing off-net)
[ Nfunk70 @ 07.08.2008. 22:54 ] @
[off topic] excuse me,when i come in Beograd in past time i have buy a serbian SIM Card (i don't remember now the name,maybe mobtel) because the calls cost for me & my girl are more low.but i have a question:you can tell me if exist a telephonic company that have a good flat web for phones?for example here i use 3ITALIA that for 9€ at month give me 50MB daily for connecting internet,and i use also for SIP calls when i'm out house.there is a company that have a similar plan or
however a good flat plan? Hvala very much :DD
[ vmedar @ 19.09.2008. 00:48 ] @
Pay attention on Skype 'Unlimited Country' service. For a price of 3.95€/month there are no limit for landline calls. Italy is on the list.
This service include Skype Online number for choosen country, connected to Skype username, so you can also call that number at local rate.

P.S. You should check is Italy included in Skype Online number service. I'm subscribed for unlimited calls to Switzerland for last 5 months and it works fine.