[ MarkoBalkan @ 05.01.2009. 21:41 ] @
imam dvije forme u projektu.
Form1 i Form2.
na form1 nalazi se gumb.
na klik gumba htio bi da mi se prikaže form2.

evo coda, međutim ne radi, probao sam razne kombinacije.

def _button2_Click(self, sender, e):

ako stavim self ispred Form2 u helpu mi izbaci ovo za general description.

If a member in a class library has been removed or renamed, recompile any assemblies that reference that library.
This exception is typically thrown when a field or method is deleted or renamed in one assembly, and the change is not reflected in a second assembly that is trying to access the missing member.

If you are attempting to access members on a late-bound object variable, make sure it is declared Public.
Protected, Friend, and Private variables cannot be late-bound in Visual Basic.

a kada nema self

form2 is not defined.

For Visual Basic and C#, the debugger features a new Exception Assistant that provides more information when an exception occurs. For more infomation, see How to: Correct Run-Time Errors with the Exception Assistant.

Often an exception wraps the original exception. In such cases, the InnerException property holds information about the original exception. For more information, see How to: Find Out More About an Exception with the Exception Assistant