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Kako instalirati java aplikacije i igrice na Samsung SGH-L770. Probao sam sa cod-om za aktivaciju jave od U600 ali ne prihvata taj code. Uradio sam bio sledeci postupak:

1. Transfer the .jad and .jar files to the phones memory to the 'Other Files' folder.
You can transfer the files from Samsung PC Studio's 'Phone Explorer',or just transfer it straight to the memory card and move it to 'OtherFiles' from the phone's menu.
If you don't have a .jad file, you can download 'Jad Maker' (google) and make a new one.

2. Exit all menus and type in this code: *#9998*4678255#.
You should now get a 'Activated' message. Java install is enabled.

3. Go to the 'Other Files' folder and select the .jad file (should be 1kb).
Press 'Options' (left touch key) and you should get a 'Do you want to install' question.
Press 'Yes' to install.

4. To deactivate Java install, simply type the same code again.
You should now get a 'Deactivated' message.

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