[ Catch 22 @ 18.08.2009. 00:10 ] @
Razne promotivne ponude za preuzimanje komercijalnog softvera besplatno uz (uglavnom) obaveznu registraciju, koja podrazumeva osnovne lične podatke i email adresu na koju vam šalju legalan serijski broj.

Free Expert PDF Pro 5 Download With Serial License Codes

Download Streaming Radio App Radiotracker Standard Edition 4.0 Full Version With Valid License Key

(ako znate za neku zanimljivu promotivnu ponudu komercijalnog sw postavite link)

[Ovu poruku je menjao Goran Mijailovic dana 28.01.2012. u 21:24 GMT+1]
[ Dashkes @ 18.08.2009. 07:53 ] @
Giveaway of the Day - free licensed software daily. - Svakog dana novi software potpuno besplatno!
[ Mrki brk @ 18.08.2009. 13:40 ] @
Gizmo - Hot Finds!
Here you'll find recent software finds, short tips, time limited deals and other interesting tid-bits discovered by our editors and site visitors. Items listed are not necessarily recommendations but rather products you might like to check out.

Many of these items have expiry dates so it's a case of the quick and the dead. We are sorry for those who miss out but please don't blame us - we are just messengers!
[ Milan86 @ 04.09.2009. 23:28 ] @
Kao što i sam naslov teme kaže, Western Digital nudi besplatan Acronis True Image Home 2009 za korisnike njihovih hard diskova. Program je moguće instalirati samo ako imate WD hard disk.

Više informacija imate ovde: http://support.wdc.com/product/downloaddetail.asp

[ Goran Mijailovic @ 22.11.2010. 19:39 ] @

Danas daju virtuelni desktop :)

Giveaway of the Day - AltDesk 1.9.1

AltDesk AltDesk is a Skinnable Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows, which makes your daily work easier. If you have to operate a lot of tasks at the same time, AltDesk can give you an alternative to buying a second monitor. With AltDesk you can create as many Virtual Desktops as you want and switch between them with ease. AltDesk displays applications’ icons, supports thumbnails, drag-and-drop and lets you pin applications to certain desktops.
[ Brodoplovac @ 29.06.2011. 16:02 ] @
Mach Studio Pro v2 is a 3D production and rendering app for Windows. Which basically means that, having created your animation and specified where the light is coming from, the program adjusts every frame of your movie to create the desired effects. OK, it actually does a lot more than that, but you get the basic idea.

Typically, such programs are used in big-budget productions on very powerful computers. Which is why the software itself is rarely cheap. Until now.

Studio GPU, the company behind Mach Studio Pro, has decided that it wants to "shake up the market". And so, a couple of weeks ago, it reduced the price of its product from $3,999 to $0. Yup, the full program is now freeware.

While it's tempting to try out the program for the sheer fun of playing with something that used to cost $4,000, be aware that you'll need a pretty fast PC and graphics card to make the most of it. And with the download running to some 504 MB, you'll need an internet connection that can cope.

If you're still intrigued, head to www.studiogpu.com.

izvor: http://www.techsupportalert.co...izmo%27s+Best-ever+Freeware%29
[ Brodoplovac @ 08.08.2011. 14:23 ] @
Get A $60 Bootable Troubleshooting Tool Free.
Updated 8. August 2011 - 10:11 by r.schifreen

I wrote last week about a $60 troubleshooting tool for Windows, which comes in the form of a bootable CD, and which you'd shortly be able to get for free.

Well, that time is here. And my grateful thanks to the folks at Wondershare for the offer. The product in question is LiveBoot 2012, and you can read all about it at http://www.wondershare.com/boot-cd/ (but ignore the download links on that page, as you won't find your free licence code that way).

LiveBoot is a suite of 40 troubleshooting tools for Windows. It takes the form of a bootable CD-ROM, so it can access your computer even if Windows is not booting properly.

To start the process of getting your free copy of this tool, which normally sells for $59.95, head to http://www.wondershare.com/topic/giveaway-liveboot2012.html and click on the Download link to start the download. From the same page, you can enter your details to request a free licence key.

This offer expires on Friday of this week, so you have at least 4 days to get your copy.

Note that the initial download is merely a very small downloader utility. You will then need to run this to download the complete product. The full download is 314 MB so you may wish to do this at a quiet time, or perhaps overnight if your internet provider doesn't count nocturnal usage towards your monthly limit.

Before you use this product, please note the following:

1. This is a very powerful troubleshooting tool, with some powerful and dangerous features, including the ability to wipe entire hard disks. Please be very careful when using it. Once you've tested that it works correctly, you may wish to simply keep your bootable CD safe for when you actually have a real problem with your computer.

2. When you receive your registration key by email, please read the message carefully. When you register the software, you will need to specify the email address mentioned in that message, which IS NOT your own address.

3. You will need a CD writer on your computer, and a blank CD. A DVD will not work.

4. Once you download and run the program, it will take you through the steps of burning your bootable CD. Separate CD burning software is not required, as it's all built in.

5. Once you have created your bootable CD, you can uninstall the LiveBoot software from your PC as it is no longer required. To use LiveBoot, you simply boot your computer from the CD. When you're done, there's a reboot option on the program's Start menu, to boot you back into proper Windows.

6. If you wish, you can install the software to a bootable USB pen drive instead of a CD. The installation wizard shows you how. But make sure that your computer can boot from a USB port (not all machines can), otherwise you won't be able to use the drive once you've created it.

7. Because of the nature of this program, we can't use VirusTotal to check it for malware. However, I have personally extracted the files on my PC and checked them using my scanner, namely Sophos. There were no reported problems.

[ Brodoplovac @ 09.11.2011. 09:09 ] @
This Graphics Package Was $90 But It's Free Until 24th November
Updated 9. November 2011 - 8:21 by r.schifreen

Here's a really useful freebie, but it's only available until November 24th so you'll need to act soon.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer v5 used to cost $89, in the days before it was superseded by a later version. At the moment, you can get it totally free. Just head to http://www.magix.com/?id=9192&L=52 and download it.

Photo and Graphic Designer is an easy way to design web pages, business cards, invoices, letterheads, and many other graphic formats. You can also edit your existing photographs.

Be warned that the download is 365 MB, so it may take some time. It should run on Windows XP and above. You'll need to register the program online within 7 days of installation, after which you can continue using it for free.

Editor's Note: During installation this program will by default try to install the Ask toolbar and change your homepage and search provider to Ask.com. The Ask toolbar is not malware but is definitely software most users don't need so we recommend you uncheck all the Ask options during installation unless you specifically want this product on your PC Thanks to user "ChronicChaos" for flagging this.

[ Goran Mijailovic @ 28.01.2012. 20:31 ] @
Sledece programe mozete preuzeti i dobiti free licencu ako posetite adresu: http://www.ashampoo.com/en/usd/lpa/gift/?c=ASH-FREE

Ashampoo® Burning Studio Elements
Version 10.0.9, 2011/03/11

Ashampoo® Photo Commander 8
Version 8.5.0, 2010/03/10

Ashampoo® Photo Converter
Version 1.0.1, 2011/05/02

Ashampoo® Photo Optimizer 3
Version 3.13, 2011/03/31

Ashampoo® Registry Cleaner
Version 1.00, 2011/03/02

Dobijanje licence je automatizovano ako napravite Ashampoo nalog i budete ulogovani u trenutku kad instalirate softver.
[ Vodomar @ 03.02.2012. 21:55 ] @
Avanqest Registry Aid 6


samo za x32.
Upišite mail,popunite formular a pri registraciji unesite ime i prezime koje ste registrovali kao korisničko ime kao i kod.
[ Vodomar @ 13.02.2012. 11:07 ] @
Valentine's Day Giveaway Promotion valid from Feb 14, 0:00 - Feb 14, 24:00
Advanced SystemCare 5 PRO

[ Vodomar @ 20.02.2012. 11:07 ] @
IObit Advanced SystemCare 5 od ponoći

[ Vodomar @ 30.05.2012. 00:06 ] @
System Mechanic Standard - 6 Meseci

brzo samo danas - nemam pojma koliko još dugo.Sajt sporo učitava ali Serbia radi ok

[ kos milorad @ 10.10.2012. 21:29 ] @
Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro [6 Months]
[ BBS @ 27.07.2014. 14:07 ] @
Ova tema nema nov post više od dve godine i nebi bilo loše da se skine sa lokacije topic
[ Dži @ 04.05.2015. 21:35 ] @
Hide My IP

Program za skrivanje IP adrese.

Besplatno do 7.5.2015
Više informacija na: Hide My IP giveawy
[ Dži @ 05.05.2015. 14:27 ] @
CyberLink PhotoDirector HE
Alat za uređivanja fotografija.

Besplatno do 7.5.2015
Više informacija na: CyberLink PhotoDirector HE giveaway
[ optimizator @ 11.05.2015. 17:00 ] @

CyberGhost 5 na 3 meseca
[ optimizator @ 18.12.2015. 12:49 ] @

System Mechanic 15 for 6 Months Free