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Skoro su u potpunosti redizajnirali sajt perl.org. Mogu reci da sam odusevljen. Sto zajedno sa novim dizajnom perldoc sajta daje jedan moderan look.


Well, it's taken me 6 weeks of evenings and the odd weekend, but I'm proud to say the new http://www.perl.org/ site has just gone live.

This is a complete redesign and content review. Hopefully it's cleaner and easier for people to actually get the information they are after.

Whilst I was at it I also implemented this skin for http://dbi.perl.org/ and http://learn.perl.org/ (which needs a lot more loving now you can actually see what's there... not much).

My work (http://www.foxtons.co.uk/) have donated some of my time, and also some of the designers on my team's time, without which it would have taken even longer.

So enjoy!

edit: sredjen link :)

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