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REzigniran mnogim i ucestalim prekidima tokom razgovora pc-to-pc putem skype-a kako usmenih tako i video poziva,reko da potrazim alternativu skype-u.

Ukucah"Skype alternative" i dobih par dobrih alternativa,od cega dva programa se mogu pohvaliti svim tim sto "skype"(tm) nudi za besplatno voip usmeno i video pozivanje.

1.Isprobao sam "ooVOoo".Izuzetno lak korisnicki interfejs ali mu nedostaje kvalitet razgovora,pogotovo video za sta je meni najvise potreban,kako za prijatelje tako i za poslovnu komunikaciju.

2."Sightspeed"-odusevljen.Mogu snimiti svoju VIDEO poruku uzivo i objaviti je na Internetu bez logovanja na FB i ostale "CIA" sajtove.

Kvalitet i iskustvo "Sightspeed" vs"Skype"-ne ukljucujem vise skype za razgovre sa prijateljima,osim za one poslovne prijatelje koji nemaju vremena za instalaciju SS-a.

Moze se downloadovati OVDE.

U pitanju je patentirana Logitech(TM) tehnologija koja verujte mi na rec je mnogo intuitivnije i po resursima manje zahtevna od skype-a.

Za nase jos uvek spore veze Sightspeed je izuzetna alternativa Skype-u u smislu kvaliteta zvuka i sigurnosti signala BEZ IKAKVIH PREKIDA ma koliko dug razgovor se vodio.

Evo strucnog pregleda pa ko voli neka cita.Covek je pukao na skype-u zivaca.:

"Audio and Video Calls - This is what we are really here for, isn't it?
Making a call to someone. Each of the programs has significant advantages and disadvantages compared with the others.In my opinion SightSpeed comes out on top, because they do a consistently better job all around.

This is where their insistence on knowing as much as possible about your configuration in the previous steps really pays off.

A look in the debug information shows that they have a number of different levels of audio and video quality, and they will preselect one based on what they have figured out about your configuration.

SightSpeed is also very conservative about webcams - they have a rather short list of "tested and approved" cameras, and if you have one that is not on that list they will warn you the first time they detect it.

However, I tested it this weekend with four different cameras (two Logitech and two Philips), none of which was "approved", and every one of them worked just fine.

Video quality was good, even with my brother who only has a minimal 128k/512k ADSL connection.

My friend in the U.K. has a 384k/1500k connection, and video calls with him were consistently excellent.

My own connection is 512k/5000k.""

"SightSpeed has a more flexible video presentation than the other two, as well.
The incoming video is initially within the SightSpeed main window, together with your contact list.

If you switch to "video-only" mode, which removes the contact list, you can then increase the size of the incoming video window.

There is also a "full screen" button, which will expand the incoming video to fill the entire display, but as I have said before, 320x240 video stretched to full screen is generally not a pretty sight.

The only significant disadvantage that I have found to SightSpeed is that you can't do multi-party audio calls with the basic version - or even text chats, for that matter!
The Plus version supports up to four-way video, audio or text chat connections.
I could be wrong about this, it seems like a rather severe restriction to me, but if I am it's not from lack of searching for it, and I'm sure someone from SightSpeed will let me know about it pretty quickly."

"Skype also has one significant advantage over the other two in video calls - their much-hyped "High Quality Video" capability.
If you have one of only three "anointed" Logitech webcams, and you have either an Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Dual Core CPU, and you have at least 384K upload and download bandwidth, and you have a bit of luck, you might get 640x480 resolution at 25-30 frames per second. When it works, it is indeed very nice, the difference in video quality is immediately obvious.

However, those requirements limit this to a very small percentage of current users, and they are very strictly - and sometimes strangely - enforced.

Particularly the CPU gets into silly restrictions; very fast single processor systems, older "Muli-Processor" systems, and even Quad-Core systems are not allowed to have high quality video mode.

This is not like the SightSpeed "approved camera" list, where they say what they have tested and you might well find that your camera works just fine; in this case, if you don't have exactly the right camera and CPU, you are out of luck.

However, the reason I place Skype at the bottom of the ratings in audio and video calling is that in my experience it is just a constant struggle with one problem after another.

I have been using Skype for video calls with my brother in Atlanta for a year now, and since the first call we have had problems with his video freezing.

We have tried everything, changing connections, speeds, camera settings, lighting and anything else we could think of, and nothing stopped it from freezing.

In the past two weeks I have had quite a few SightSpeed video calls with him, and it hasn't frozen once - and the overall video quality looks much better.

My other brother, in COlorado Springs, has always had problems with intermittent static noise in Skype video calls"


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