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Google Fiber optic network

Google's always tiptoed around directly providing internet access to consumers with things like free airport WiFi ands the free WiFi network it runs in Mountain View, but today the company announced that it's getting in the game for real with the launch of a fiber-based ISP service that'll offer 1Gbps speeds at "competitive prices" to select markets. The idea is to provide next-gen access to between 50,000 and 500,000 people and basically see what happens -- and, as you'd expect, the new network will be a poster child for Google's pro-net-neutrality efforts. Sounds good to us, but we've all got a ways to go before Eric Schmidt comes over with the lightpipe -- Google's just now asking for "interested communities" to apply, and launch markets will be announced later this year. Video after the break.

P.S.- Remember when Google bought all that fiber back in like 2005 and sparked all those rumors of a "GoogleNet"? It's probably unrelated, but at least there's a name to kick around.

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počela me malo paranoja hvatati, ako nam google jednog daa postane još i ISP, nema podatka o nama koji on ne bi znao, ipak je to malo previše :S
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Google Fiber infographic: Will it Take Over the World?

In September 2012 Google launched it’s new service Google Fiber in Kansas City, America. Currently there are 3 options: gigabit internet and high-definition TV service; gigabit internet service alone: or free average-speed internet (there may be a limit on the time it will be free ) for a one-time construction fee.


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