[ Stefan Markic @ 24.03.2010. 01:17 ] @
Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution, has announced the official launch of the Ubuntu One music store. Integrated into the Rhythmbox music player in the upcoming Ubuntu 10.04 release, the store allows users to purchase downloadable songs and albums.

The music store is powered by 7digital, an online music distributor that offers over 4 million songs in the MP3 format without DRM. Canonical partnered with 7digital and developed the software that allows the music store to integrate with Rythmbox and Ubuntu One, the cloud service that Canonical launched last year.

Hands-on: Ubuntu One music store will rock in Lucid Lynx
[ combuster @ 24.03.2010. 01:20 ] @
Ok, to je to, krecu keylog-eri za Linux :)