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uzzah! Welcome to our second ever giveaway, this time a special treat for Mac users. Also, apologies for being a day late, crazy Monday was effectively crazy! Nevertheless, we will be giving away a copy of Office for Mac 2011 Home & Business, which only recently hit the shelves last Tuesday. This productivity suite brings the Office crew to the Mac, more specifically boasting the following (knacked from their website):

Word for Mac 2011
Excel for Mac 2011
PowerPoint for Mac 2011
Outlook for Mac 2011
Messenger for Mac 8
Remote Desktop Connection for Mac 2
IRM: Consume rights-managed documents
Support for Windows Live™ SkyDrive™
Support for Office Web Apps
Windows SharePoint Services support (WSS)
Premium product support (1 year unlimited)
What do you have to do to enter? Simply post in this thread! On Monday, November 15th, the winner will be announced after being randomly selected from those who posted in the thread. We’ll be randomly selecting a name, and not randomly just selecting a post, so you spamming with posts will not increase your chances! There is one thing that will increase your chances, however; if you have over 10 posts in the GeekSmack community forums, you will have your name entered in twice in the hat we pick from. As such, you’ll have double the chance of winning compared to you just being a one-post wonder.

To participate in our giveaways, make sure that you’re a registered member of our community forums. Then, simply enter! We’ll notify you via forum PM, so be sure to check those. Enjoy, and good luck to everyone who enters! Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Home and Business has a suggested retail price of $279.99. This is a retail copy, so I’d like to mention again that it’ll have the benefits of a retail product such as the premium support and whatnot, all you need to do is give Microsoft your product key and let them work their sorcery.

Thank you ! http://www.chinaicmart.com