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Resiti problem softmodema za linux i zaraditi neku sicu... hm...

LinModems.org: Bounty for completion of softmodem (quadrupled to 20k$)
Nov 19, 2001, 21 :35 UTC (9 Talkback[s]) (4370 reads) (As seen on Slashdot)

Subject: bounty for completion of softmodem (quadrupled to 20k$)
From: Alex Pilosov
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 14:28:35 -0500 (EST)

Well, I had almost no replies to the original post, lets see if
quadrupling bounty will help any! The bounty is now 20000$.

Please, if you are interested, contact me.

Also note that I'm interested in either completion of Fabrice Bellard's
code (on http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/linmodem.html) or Jamie Lokier's
code (on http://www.tantalophile.demon.co.uk/)

I'm interested in completion of Fabrice Bellard or Jamie Lokier's GPL'd
softmodem code. I'm willing to place a 20000$ bounty on this project. If
you are interested in picking this bounty, please contact me for further

* Your code will be placed under GPL
* Code must not rely on DSP, pure C required.
* You MUST have background in signal processing
* You are free to reuse other GPL'd software (virtual UART and LAP/M are
ones that are already implemented in other software).
* Pieces needed to finish:
a) v.32/v.32bis modulation/demodulation
b) full v.34 negotiation (modulation/demodulation is done)
c) analog part of v.90 and v.90 negotiation
d) virtual UART
e) v.8 negotiation of all of the above
f) v.42bis/LAPM and MNP5 (and v.42 negotiation)
g) Hayes-like AT commands/registers (integrated with all of above)

I will provide the relevant ITU specs, test hardware, and specs for

If you think the bounty is inadequate, I'm willing to talk about price.