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Kosovo Police undertook a super action today all over Kosovo against TV piracy. More than 150 Kosovo police officials engaged in the entire Kosovo territory.

The Kosovo Police Spokesperson, Arber Beka, confirmed that in the early hours of the day, the directory for Economic Crimes and Corruption undertook an action in the entire Kosovo territory against piracy, copyright violations and tax evasion.

The Police seized hundreds of computer servers, cell phones and Dreambox electronic devices, which were being used for illegal broadcasting of Digitalb and other platforms.

During this action, Kosovo police arrested 17 persons.

“They have conducted illegal activities, more specifically, an intervention at the computer system, which means that through different software they have used different TV stations without having the right”, declared Arber Beka, Police Spokesperson.

The action was undertaken in Prishtina, Prizren, Ferizaj, Mitrovica and other cities. The targets of this action were the companies that offered pirate TV programs by distributing codes on the internet.

“The investigations that were being held for several months will continue,” says Kosovo Police.

Sources at the Kosovo police say that the action will continue until this phenomenon will disappear and the culprits will be brought to justice.
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Moze li prevod na ex yu jezik
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a komplet digitalb (svi kanali) prelaze na CAS 7 krajem godine,

plus sto je nama bitno ici ce svi kanali iz totala u simulcrypt sa conaxom, kao sada n. geo, fox-ovi, samo sto ce biti CAS 7
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sta je cas 7
ako moze malo detaljnije objasnjenje
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[ nenad76 @ 21.10.2011. 13:35 ] @
ajde objasni sta bi to trebalo da znaci,ovima sto ne poznaju tematiku...