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Ubuntu Gubuntu 11.10 Unity Edition(64bit) | 872.79MB
All original applications have been retained and have been unmodified. The only things that have been changed are
- Default wallpaper - 1920x1080_Dizorb_BMX_HD grabbed from Deviant Art
- Login Sound - Omen Noisia Remix (Edited by BioDeckard)
- Icons - Clarity (Viridis) by jcubic Grabbed from Gnome-Look.org
- GTK+ Window Theme - Slickness-Black 0.9 by TheRob Grabbed from Gnome-Look.org
- GTK 3 Theme - Plastiq by Worg Grabbed from Gnome-Look.org
I take no credit for the above artwork. All cudos belong to thier respective owners
Gubuntu 11.10 Can be used as a Live DVD/USB for testing/portability or as a full installation
BurnISO to DVD or Create bootable USB by following the instructions @ thislink http://www.pendrivelinux.com/creating-an-ubuntu-live-usb-from-cd/
Ihave included 2 Launcers in the apps section that can be used to changethe default session when you log in. You can choose Unity or Gnome 3.The icons and theme will stay the same, only the interface will change.Simply click the appropriate launcher, enter your password and hitenter.
Of course if you use the login screen you can still choose which environment to use by clicking the cog icon. The choices are
- Gnome
- Gnome Classic
- Gnome (No Effects)
- Unity
- Unity 2D
1)When running in Live Mode via DVD it is not possible to shut down yourPC/Netbook/Laptop from within the OS. This is due to being logged in as aGuest. This is down to Ubuntu and has nothing to do with anymodifications. To turn off your PC simply hold down the power buttonuntill the device shuts down. As the OS has been loaded completely intothe RAM your HDD/SSD will not be affected.
2) To install from aDVD you must Choose Start the installer directly from the boot menu.It is not possible to install the OS from inside the Live environmentdue to being logged in as a Guest.
3) When running in Live Modevia a DVD the wallpaper is not loaded by default. To load the wallpapersimply right click the desktop and choose change background - PictureFolder from the drop down menu.


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Previse fensi...
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