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This $200 Programming IDE Is Now Free

Microsoft PowerShell is often described as batch programming on steriods. It's an immensely powerful programming language, much loved by IT professionals, which can be used to control and automate just about every aspect of a PC or network.

There are hundreds of generic commands and functions built into the language, but what makes it so powerful is that each new Microsoft product also introduces additional commands. For example, if you use Microsoft's SharePoint suite, you will find that it adds over 700 new commands to PowerShell, specifically for managing SharePoint.

PowerShell isn't for everyone. But if you're tech-savvy and haven't explored it before, it's definitely worth getting to know. The quickest way to start is just to run the built-in Windows Powershell program, which gives you a command line. Alternatively, there's a basic Integrated Development Environment (IDE) known as Powershell ISE, also supplied for free with Windows.

For some time now, serious PowerShell users have shunned ISE in favour of PowerShell Plus, a professional product developed by Idera and available for $199. As of today, though, Idera have not only announced a new version (v4.6) of PowerShell Plus but they've also made it free of charge. So if you've never discovered PowerShell before, now's the time to try, with $200 worth of development tool at your disposal for no cost.

To download it (it's around 40 MB and is available in both 32- and 64-bit formats), just head to www.idera.com and follow the link to their free tools.