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The original belief was that the samsung-laptop driver was doing something that caused the system to stop working. This driver was coded to a Samsung specification in order to support certain laptop features that weren't accessible via any standardised mechanism. It works by searching a specific area of memory for a Samsung-specific signature. If it finds it, it follows a pointer to a table that contains various magic values that need to be written in order to trigger some system management code that actually performs the requested change. This is unusual in this day and age, but not unique. The problem is that the magic signature is still present on UEFI systems, but attempting to use the data contained in the table causes problems.
This is pretty obviously a firmware bug. Writing UEFI variables is expressly permitted by the specification, and there should never be a situation in which an OS can fill the variable store in such a way that the firmware refuses to boot the system. We've seen similar bugs in Intel's reference code in the past, but they were all fixed early last year. For now the safest thing to do is not to use UEFI on any Samsung laptops. Unfortunately, if you're using Windows, that'll require you to reinstall it from scratch.

Hahahaa, dugo nismo videli ovo :-) Fatalna kombinacija Samsung hardvera i Billy softvera :-)
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Nick te dobro opisuje ;)
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Dexic: Nick te dobro opisuje
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Moze to da se kaze i ovako:

Ma terajte se i jedni (Samsung) i drugi (Linux ekipa) i treci (Windows ekipa) tamo gde sunce ne sija. Kao korisnika mene ne bi trebalo da interesuje sta, kako, zasto. Cinjenica je da je laptop brickovan i to je to.

Poslednji put da sam cuo da hardver racunara moze softverski da se unisti je io Sinclair QL (starija garda se mozda seti sta je to). For aje bila u tome da je mogao da radi na 3 operativna sistema: CP-M, svoj interni sistem, i nesto trece. Teoretski, prebacivanje sa jednog na drugi ili treci islo je odredjenom komandom... Medjutim pojavio se kod od svega nekoliko instrukcija koji, ako se izvrsi, zabrlja nesto na takav nacin da se sytvari koje ne bi smele biti ukljucene istovremeno ipak ukljuce istovremeno i to je kraj.
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Vidim ja da će nam ovaj UEFI doći glave. :D