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Topolsky je ovih dana isprobao naočare i juče je okačio odličan članak. Odličan.

Za one koje mrzi da čitaju, za sada ću citirati samo ovaj deo:

Let me start by saying that using it is actually nearly identical to what the company showed off in its newest demo video. That’s not CGI — it’s what Glass is actually like to use. It’s clean, elegant, and makes relative sense. The screen is not disruptive, you do not feel burdened by it. It is there and then it is gone. It’s not shocking. It’s not jarring. It’s just this new thing in your field of vision. And it’s actually pretty cool.


I used Google Glass: the future, with monthly updates
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Evo i prve aplikacije za Google Glass. :)

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Google may remotely deactivate Glass if you sell it or lend to a friend