[ joke666 @ 17.12.2001. 00:15 ] @
How can i make bank transaction server? What do I need (contract, server base system, java applets or what)? If anyone of u could help me it would be very usefull for me right now! THX, Bye
[ random @ 17.12.2001. 11:24 ] @
Maybe PHP + MySQL + Apache + mod_ssl? You would also need a secure operating system.
[ Riste Pejov @ 17.12.2001. 15:09 ] @
PHP sure is the right thing ... but i dont that MySQL would manage
all those banking stuff ... it lacks stored procs, triggers, generators .. etc..
I would strongly advise the use of InterBase ...
or even PostgreSQL ...
MySQL supports transactions since 2.23 version .. but that's not enough
for a banking system or somethin that would need to manage big number of tables and relations between them.
[ Vojislav Milunovic @ 18.12.2001. 12:30 ] @
Can anybody of you explain how TRANSACTION works in SQL. I'm really confused with that.
[ Gojko Vujovic @ 18.12.2001. 12:32 ] @
Would you like a general explanation of transactions, or a mysql-specific one ?
[ Jovan Marjanovic @ 18.12.2001. 13:38 ] @
The definiton of a transaction in a database is an operation that can easily reversed.
Lets imagine that you have a huge database of items that are open for sale, and suddenly you need to dramatically change the price list. Good example would be transfer to Euro.
So you have a few thousand records, and you have a formula to translate prices from one currency to the other. You begin transaction, modify all those records, and only after you are 100% sure that all the changes are correct, you commit the changes made in the transaction to the database. If there was an error, you can roll back all the changes, and restore the database to the previous state.
How different database servers handle transactions, where do they store the changes, and how they perform the operation is a different story, but this explanation should give some insight to transactions in general.
[ Vojislav Milunovic @ 18.12.2001. 16:55 ] @
Ah ok, thought that TRANASACTION locks the data base so that no one can use "old" data , while you are upgrading them :)
[ Gojko Vujovic @ 18.12.2001. 18:24 ] @
That's achieved through table locking - ie. column locking or even row-based locking.
[ Vojislav Milunovic @ 18.12.2001. 21:03 ] @
Oki doki Gojko, I didn't know how it works. Thanks for the help guys.
[ tuzlaorg @ 20.12.2001. 01:11 ] @
I administer e-Commerce website and i know how this things work.

First you need a merchant account in your bank.
Personally, I dont like Wells Fargo, but,

And later on they give you the code (ASP, PHP, PERL) for transaction.
My setup is with diferent company, and they gave me their .ASP for transactions d:) works fine :)