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Windows 8.1 is just around the corner, but details on the next full Windows releases have already started reaching the web, proving that Microsoft has indeed started work on the upcoming iterations of its operating system.

Ru-Board forum member WZOR, who previously revealed fairly accurate information on new Microsoft products, now claims that Microsoft is already developing Windows 9 and Windows 10 and it’s looking into a wide array of major changes.

First of all, Windows 9, the first successor of the existing Windows 8 modern OS, is expected to hit the market sometime next year, but it won’t bring major visual updates to the existing platform. The good news is that Microsoft is working to bring back the Aero interface, but with “some” changes.

Previous reports indicated that Windows 9 could arrive as soon as November 2014, with the first beta to be launched in January next year. RTM is projected for mid-2014.

As far as Windows 10 is concerned, Microsoft is apparently planning lots of updates, some of which could move the operating system closer to the cloud environment.

Windows 10 could be Microsoft’s first cloud operating system that would allow users to access their desktops from basically any device and computer out there, as long as they’re connected to the Internet. The first concept is expected to be unveiled next month, so more details are likely to be revealed at that time, WZOR explains.

The future of Windows RT is also under consideration right now, with the same source claiming that Microsoft might actually merge RT and Windows Phone. This isn’t the first time when such info makes the rounds, so there really might be some truth behind these words.

Of course, it’s a lot too early to talk about either Windows 9 or Windows 10, so let’s take all of these with a pinch of salt. Since Microsoft is still looking for a leader, many more changes are likely to occur until the next OS goes live.

Izvor: http://news.softpedia.com/news...10-Details-Leaked-378333.shtml
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The good news is that Microsoft is working to bring back the Aero interface

Hihihi, treba pitati ekipicu da li je ukusna pita... humble pie tj. :)

Mada, mozda ce to "vracanje" biti isto kao i "start" meni u 8.1 - mada do sada bi menadzment MSFT-a trebalo da skapira da njihovo trolovanje nije donelo puno novih kupaca.
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but with “some” changes

Aero sa promenicama moz i da ne bude aero
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but it won’t bring major visual updates

Ma nije moguce...