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Naucnici sa MIT-a, na celu sa Nenadom Miljkovicem otkrili:
Droplets get a charge out of jumping
Condensation on a metal plate leads to formation of droplets that carry electric charge, could improve power-plant efficiency.
Miljkovic says this was an extension of previous work by the MIT team. That work showed that under certain conditions, rather than simply sliding down and separating from a surface due to gravity, droplets can actually leap away from it. This occurs when droplets of water condense onto a metal surface with a specific kind of superhydrophobic coating and at least two of the droplets coalesce: They can then spontaneously jump from the surface, as a result of a release of excess surface energy.

In the new work, “We found that when these droplets jump, through analysis of high-speed video, we saw that they repel one another midflight,” Miljkovic says. “Previous studies have shown no such effect. When we first saw that, we were intrigued.”

Interesante vesti ovih dana iz sveta nauke. :) Kako kazu ovo moze poboljsati efikasnost hidrocentrala, kao i efikasnost prenosa toplote.