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Nikako ne mogu da pristupim Yahoo nalogu preko mobilnog, koristeci Mini Operu.
Daje gresku na meni nerazumljivom jeziku.

A kad otvorim nalog na desktop racunaru, dobijem mejl:

Unexpected sign-in attempt

Hi /ime/
On /datum i vreme/, we noticed an attempt to sign in to your Yahoo account /ime/ from an unrecognized device in Iceland.
If this was you, please sign in from your regularly used device.
If you haven't recently signed in from an unrecognized device and believe someone may have accessed your account, please visit this link to change your password and update your account recovery information.
Thanks for taking these additional steps to keep your account safe.

Reinstalirao sam Mini Operu i, zbog drugog problema (kako se kaze, flesovao, reinstalirao) sistem na mobilnom, nista.
Telefon je Samsung C6712 Star II DUOS, dakle nije Android.

Neka ideja?