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We are looking for a system administrator who knows what he/she is doing, is reliable and straight to the
We run growing internet services that need to be online 24/7 with minimal (near zero) downtime.
Our systems need to scale well with the millions of users that we have.

We started Kudos project as an elite development team capable of developing the most complicated IT projects in the industry today. Our goal is to create and maintain variety of topnotch Internet based products. We are developing vast variety of products from VPN, Cloud, Streaming technologies, to next generation monetization tools for the fast growing Internet market. If you wish to learn every day and have the ability to tackle the biggest problems of Internet business today please contact us. Visit us at http://kudos-rs.com

Junior-Intermediate System Administrator


• 1+ years Linux system administration experience
• Basic knowledge of Debian distribution administration
• IPtables/Ferm configuration
• Basic knowledge of VOIP / SIP configuration and maintenance
• Basic knowledge of mail client configuration and maintenance
• Basic knowledge of MySQL CLI configuration
• Basic knowledge of Nginx, Apache configuration and maintenance
• Basic knowledge of Redmine CRM configuration and maintenance
• Git repository administration
• Basic knowledge of network configuration and maintenance
• VPN Administration knowledge (OpenVPN)
• You know how to debug failing services, network and hardware.


• Gitolite, Jitsi, FreePBX/Asterisk, Redmine experience
• Mail Server (postfix, dovecot) experience


• You can work from your home office
• European working hours
• Small, but growing teams
• No bureaucracy
• Chance to grow to leading position
• Friendly co-workers
• We take feedback seriously


Please send us your CV and any information you deem relevant about yourself and your past working experience to [email protected]. We will usually answer within 2 working days. After some initial questions via email, you will have an interview via Skype or normal phone. Latest one week after interview, you will get final answer from us.
Once you start working with us, we will evaluate your performance over a 1 month trial period. The trial period is paid, of course.

We would be pleased to receive complete application documents including your CV, application (motivational) letter, salary expectations and the possible start date.

Please send your application to [email protected]