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Pozdrav svima, nadam se da nisam prekrsio pravila foruma, ukoliko jesam izvinite zbog toga. Ispod je oglas za posao, ukoliko ste bas vi onaj koji se trazi, mozete mi poslati mail na [email protected]

EVO (2005 - 2016) is a closed source game development project. We stand for learning and working together to gain knowledge and experience about game hosting and development to get a better job, just for fun or to plot world domination.

We are looking for 3 young and 3 experienced programmers to join our team:
C++ developers, PhP webdeveloper, learning/student programmers

Senior developer requirements:
• English intermediate level and greater
• Coaching and supervisory skills
• Team player
• Results-focused mindset
• Communication skills
• Ability to work on your own at some phases in the software development cycle
• Excellent work and time management skills
• Working to strict/tight time schedules
• Experience in reviewing code

The perks:
• Individual career path with clear requirements for professional development and career growth.
• Working exclusively from home.
• Flexible working hours.
• Competitive pay.

Posts currently available:
Client/Server Developer
• Specific requirements:
• Proven experience in C++ development on the Windows platform
• Experience with coding SQL and MySQL Server
• Experience using SVNs (Github preferred)

• Bonuses:
• Experience with C# for Tools development
• Game development experience
• World of Warcraft gameplay experience
• ManGOS or TrinityCore development experience

Web Developer
• Specific requirements:
• Proven experience in PHP development
• Experience with XHTML/HTML5, CSS2 or newer, XML and JavaScript

• Bonuses:
• Facebook API

Server Admin
• Specific requirements:
• Proven experience managing Cloud-based servers (web, mail and database)
• Experience managing MySQL servers and replication services
• Working to strict/tight time schedules

• Bonuses:
• Experience managing game servers

Salary indication: 300€-3000€ per month, per position.