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If you've got desire, drive and flair, join our team to bring the first class solutions into the hands of users.
If you’re right for us, it’s because you understand the agile development workflow, you play well with others and you take pride in your work.
Not least, you keep your skills sharp and love new challenges!

Your Tasks:
•Use agile engineering practices and various software and web development technologies to rapidly develop creative and efficient solutions that enhance the client customer and employee experience;
•Maintain and develop web and mobile UIs using React and React Native;
•Maintain the CI/CD infrastructure for iOS, Android and SPAs;
•Build and manage native integrations and manage native dependencies for iOS and Android;
•Work closely with product managers, designers, and backend engineers;
•Be responsible for long term code quality and reliability;
•Guide external and junior developers.

•4+ years experience in developing feature-rich application frontends;
•Strong javascript fundamentals and comfortable in explaining event loop, promise chaining, scope, context, and function composition, and partial application;
•Proficient in application design patterns, state management approaches, performance, and writing readable and maintainable code. You like to refactor your code to reduce cognitive complexity;
•Experience with React and/or React Native is a must. You should understand the React component composition model and higher-order components;
•Familiarity with native iOS and Android development is a plus;
•Experience integrating feature-rich REST APIs, and a high-level knowledge of backend development;
•Experience with test-driven development and continuous delivery;
•Fluency in English is a must, German is a plus.

What we offer:
•Be an essential member of a smart, hard-working and constantly growing multinational team;
•Agile development with continuous delivery and continuous integration (CI & CD);
•Cool centrally located Belgrade office;
•Autonomous and empowering culture with high degree of creative freedom;
•Extensive opportunities for professional growth and the chance to impact the success of the company;
•Honest communication, combining thoughtfulness and pragmatism;
•Competitive compensation with benefits.

If you are interested to hear more about the position, please send your CV to: [email protected]