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The story revolves around a wealthy but very lonely and terminally ill boy, a physics prodigy who's built a time machine and will embark on an adventure across the cosmos, with his black cat, in search for the cure.

You can think of RAWconcrete as a spiritual successor to an old game called Heart of Darkness, a side-scroller released in 1998.

Make sure to skip trough these 2 videos:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Yx0SQoS69k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lTgk2TiurA


We need a Unity programmer to help with various tasks, from adding sfxs to animated triggerable assets (doors, elevators etc.) to coding various monitors/screens UI.

Apply if (each is a must): 1. You really like the project in question 2. You can devote 2h/day or minimum 15h/week 3. You can accept the 15$/h hourly rate / $1000 monthly payment + 2-4% of the Kickstarter target sum ($100k-$400k).

If interested in position, reply to [email protected]


(zainteresovani neka stupe u kontakt nezavisno od starosti oglasa. u timu od oko 10tak ljudi samo jedan Srbin, ostatak iz citavog sveta, a pocetak radnje igre se desava u fiktivnom delu Beograda)