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Must-Have: Go(lang), REST, Postgres/MySQL, Docker(-compose), Graph-Databases (either Arango-DB or Dgraph will be used)

Nice-To-Have: Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, LDAP, Microsoft-Active-Directory (SSO) knowledge

Our application stack is mostly the same for all projects:
- OS: Linux only
- Backend written in go(lang)
- Frontend written in VueJS
- Database Postgres or MySQL
- If microservices are used, we use gRPC (protobuffer) for communication between the services
- All our frontends communicate via REST APIs with the backend. Authentication is done via JWT

- Versicherungskammer Bayern (VKB): We are running 2 applications to support marketing and distribution for insurances.
- Lonza: We are running 3 different applications for marketing and some parts of the global internet appearance of the company
- ClockChain: We are running the internet application and backend, which uses the stellar network to store unchangeable clock informations
- FC-Bayern: We are planning a central backend service that is going to be used as a tracking and analysis tool for all Bayern companies (Football, Basekball, Hockey, etc.). This project is still in planing but will start soon
- Lonza: We are going to build the intranet application for Lonza. This is something like a facebook clone

As a backend DevOps person, you will be generally playing the role of Jack of all trades, like we all in the backend do. This means you have a high responsibility for the running applications, you must create plainly manageable code and you must be able to switch fast from one project to another. However you will never be alone, because we try to put all backend developers on the same knowledge level, so one can help out everybody. We as backend developers have the overview of the applications and thus are the main contact persons, when new features need to be implemented or issues arise. You will also be integrated into technical decisions for new features and applications that we implement.

You may send us your CV on: [email protected]