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We are looking for one talented individual to join our team.

We have two our own web based startups getting off the ground that we aim to turn into large companies.

We are looking for a full-stack developer that likes to use the full versatility of their skill set and wants to be a part of a multinational startup company with tremendous career opportunities.

If you:
Are sick of making wordpress/html templates.
Tired of working on minor development work like bugs or Q/A and want to be involved in bigger things.
Don’t want to work in a boring office (we have beer, ping-pong tables, video games all the standards.)
Want to work with fully funded startups and have a chance to be a part of a large fun organization.
Want to work in a meritocracy.
Please read on!

We offer:

You won’t be stuck doing the same tasks over and over again. (Because who likes that!)
We believe in a fair and honest working environment. No screaming temper tantrums around here. (We also have the usual table tennis, office bar & game consoles)
Training in additional skills & languages is funded by the company. We want our coders to grow in this job and not remain static. Online courses & seminars come standard.
What began as a small team of three has now grown into 16 employee’s & still growing. Along the way there will be plenty of opportunities to advance your career.
Isn’t it annoying when everyone who gets promoted or has salary increases all happen to be the bosses’ friends from university? Not here! All raises and promotions are awarded on work ethic and clean code.

Where We’re Going - Our goal is to develop Counsel Review and SmarterPurse into big brands (one is based in the UK the other in the US) while having plenty of fun and growth along the way.

The person we want is:
Detail-oriented (be your own best Quality Assurance)
Stickler for elegant code (no sloppy coding or shortcuts)
Champion of compliance with modern web standards
Alert to emerging development trends
Proud of their work
Comfortable with working closely in a team (and a cool Belgrade downtown office)
Keen on time management
Please note that remote work is NOT offered.

The special skills that we will be sold on are:
Solid knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Javascript/JQuery, CSS, HTML
Experience on any kind of front-end framework (i.e. Bootstrap) or Javascript framework (React, Vue) is a plus
Experience with Ruby, Python, Node JS is a plus
Experience with Google Cloud/Amazon S3
Experience with integrating third party APIs and web services is a plus (REST API)
Self starter skills, ability to work with limited oversight
Familiarity with the SCRUM process

You may send your application on: [email protected]