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There are several open roles for Node.JS/TS+SQL and .NET+SQL

Responsibilities (enterprise development/maintenance)

• Maintenance type of work (similar to Test Cloud): bugfixing, addressing issues, some enhancements and minor development
o 50% TypeScript/Node.js+SQL on AKS. Azure SQK and CosmosDB is a plus
o 50% .NET Core+SQL on AKS
o One should have UX front-end (React MobX on the client side, TypeScript)
• E-mail/messaging type conversations with customers who have issues in that area (primarily via Intercom). Work with front-line support to update documentation so that they can handle more and more cases to reduce volume.
• Answering ICMs (Sev 2 and Sev3) and working on them to resolve the infra/system issues reported. Make infrastructure and engineering improvements to improve reliability and reduce ICM volume.
• On-call shifts (similar to Test Cloud) – there will be DRI rotations when you should be available for the call and start investigating issue once reported (expected amount of incidents is ~7/monthly; num if engineers in one rotation is 5)
• Serbia engineers require SAW access (Belgrade)

We offer high level of salary.

For more information please contact Anna Klimova [email protected]