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-Čemu sluzi,
-Zasto to radi,
-Ko ima vajde od toga,
-Koga zeli da nervira ili ne nervira,

-I konacno koja je generalna svrha
upornog ponavljanja i postavljanja istog teksta od člana @pengsara u MadZoni

u vidu teksta:

" Correctly Maintain the Blade of Shredder Machine to Extend Its Service Life
1. The blade should be selected reasonably according to the hardness and strength of the shredded items.
2. Prevent damaging to the blade during the installation.
3. Pay attention to the wear of the blade, whether there are other foreign objects on the blade and the rotating shaft, and frequently clean up the debris on the blade. Pay close attention to the cutting edge of the to-be-shredded materials, which can reflect the existing situation of the blade.
4. When the waste tire shredder is not working, coat the shredder blade and the middle shaft with lubricating oil frequently, which can not only reduce friction, but also prevent the shredder blade from rusting and extend its service life.
5. Make a statistics on the energy consumption of the shredder. When the current suddenly increases during a certain period of time, it indicates that the shredder works under bad condition. It is necessary to immediately stop and check the machine, generally, the shredder blade has foreign matter which prevents the blade from cutting objects.
6. The blade of the double-shaft shredder should be polished regularly. For example, the knives used in our lives will become unsharp after using a long time. The blades of the shredder need to be polished with professionally sharpening tool, so as to ensure its sharpness.
The Grinding Process Is Suitable for Lightly Worn Cutting Tools
1. Grinding with a surface grinder, because the grinding effect of a surface grinder is very good. Using a surface grinder to polish the edge of the metal shredder blade can effectively protect the blade, and the quality of the polishing is guaranteed.
2. The polishing machine uses a grinding wheel to polish the inside of the cutting edge. Note that the arc planing of the claws must be strictly controlled, and it must be straight with the plane of the shredder blade, so as to wear knife body in the minimum. The proficiency of operator also helps a lot in the polishing process.
3. Grinding with an automatic sharpener: If you want to save time, an automatic sharpener is undoubtedly the best choice, and the operation is simple and easy to master.
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