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Eto, da se i ja javim. Pre nekog vremena sam na nekoj stranici naisao na neki plugin za realisticnu animaciju vozila. E, sad ja se javljam jer sam naravno zaboravio kako se zove. Svemoguci Google mi nije od pomoci pa ako neko nesto zna, nek izvoli. Mozda se cak radi i samo o skripti, pojma nemam. Nek saznam ime pa cu ga vrlo povoljno nabaviti (hehe).
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Naso ja :
3d MultiCar plugin for 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ 3d cars generator

MultiCar is a revolutionary plugin for 3ds MAX and Autodesk VIZ that allows you to easily create and customize cars with a few simple clicks.

MultiCar is a revolutionary plugin for 3ds MAX and Autodesk VIZ that allows you to easily create and customize cars with a few simple clicks.

The plugin comes equipped with a rich library of cars, body parts, and accessories which give you the freedom to create up to 25,000 unique car models. The library contains geometry for most common cars such as sedans, SUVs, minivans, trucks, convertibles, station wagons, and roadsters. In the future we will expand our library to include busses, utility and emergency vehicles, and trains.

Once you create a car in the scene you will be able to parametrically customize individual parts such as body style, wheels, bumpers, headlights, and accessories.

To improve performance in complex scenes our geometry comes in two resolutions - high and low - which allow you the freedom to balance between speed and quality. Furthermore, switching between resolutions is as simple as clicking one button which will preserve all other car customization efforts.

With this plugin a usually daunting and time consuming task turns into a fun and easy experience.

Please visit our download page for a free trial.


Postoji i jos :
Vehicle Simulator v1.5 Car and Truck Edition

Vidi dal je to, to sto ti treba.
[ pailhead @ 30.06.2004. 15:58 ] @
de pomozite mi ovde, skripta za animaciju auta, nije isto sto i plugin za generisanje i menjanje auta?
[ manijac @ 30.06.2004. 23:10 ] @
Vehicle Simulator 1.5
Introducing Vehicle Simulator v1.5 Car and Truck Edition. The easiest, most powerful, and most realistic vehicle simulator available for MAX

Auto Drive

You draw a path, and the car drives it! Based on engine horsepower, torque, brakes, tires and grip, VS 1.5 calculates the behavior of the car. You can choose a driving style, determining how aggressively the throttle and brakes are applied. Or you can blend in key frames to have full manual control, making peel outs and erratic braking a cinch!

Multi-Vehicle Interaction

Vehicles are able to crash (with no denting), drive over each other, roll over, pile up, and whatever else the circumstance allows. Multiple vehicles are managed in the same interface easily and efficiently and their key frames are calculated simultaneously.


A new physics algorithm takes into account more variables such as weight on each wheel. The body of the vehicle can now collide with its full shape!

Collisions can occur from any angle allowing for vehicles to drive an upside-down loop with the appropriate speed.


From the start, the new Vehicle Simulator is designed to be intuitive. Most procedures will be context sensitive. For example, to set up a vehicle for simulation, a separate setup program is no longer required. Simply add a modifier once to the chassis and once for the wheels and hit 'go' in the utility panel.

Settings are now based on regular measurements like pounds, meters, and kilograms. Copying an already setup vehicle is as simple as selecting its components and copying it like any MAX object: no extra work!


Unlimited number of wheels
Unlimited number of cars and trucks
Minimal setup (adjust an axis) and you are ready to go!
Full 3D physics! Crash (no dent), climb, elevators, stacks of cars. . .
Full manual drive with controls for throttle, brakes, and steering
Awesome Auto Drive feature that lets you chase anything! Works like a driver!
Easy and intuitive settings and interface
No limits on shape and wheel configuration
For sales rep. Click Here

Vehicle Simulator 1.5