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Convicted spammer gets nine years in jail

Two spammers have been convicted of three charges of sending thousands of junk e-mails through servers located in Virginia.

Jeremy Jaynes was sentenced to nine years in prison and Jessica DeGroot was fined $7,500 (£4,075). A third defendant, Richard Rutkowski, was found not guilty.

Jaynes was rated the world's eighth-most prolific spammer by the Register of Known Spam Operations.

DeGroot was convicted after prosecutors proved she had used her credit card to purchase domain names for the purpose of sending spam.

According to the indictment, the spam was sent between 11 July 2003 and 9 August 2003 and spam sent on 16, 19 and 26 July exceeded 10,000 messages during each 24-hour period. Those numbers don't reflect the total number of messages sent, because they were based solely on actual complaints made by customers to their internet service providers.

The indictment also alleged that the sender falsified transmission or routing information to prevent recipients from knowing who had sent the messages and how to contact the sender.

This falsified information is what makes such spam a crime in Virginia.
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E, vala, i ako je! Dosadise i dojadise i Bogu i Ljudima!
This falsified information is what makes such spam a crime in Virginia.
Dovde, jos i nekako. Sve je licilo na neko zezanje, sport, ali sada su dosadni preko svake mere. Ocigledno je, da vide koje sajtove posecujem i slicno, pa ne salju vise mejlove sa bedastim nazivima "Ja te volim" nego mnogo gore "Vash identifikacioni broj", "Mail delivery failure" i sve tako. Tesko je tu probirati i slucajno ne otvoriti neku poruku i - gotovo: virus, crv i sta ja znam sta. Ovo je prakticno postalo pravo mucenje i tortura.